What Goes into Being a CNC Machinist

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

There are plenty of myths out there talking about the CNC Machining industry. Many make false claims about what goes into the machines and operation of the machines. We are here to tell you that CNC Machining is an incredible industry that has helped production in the manufacturing field. It’s growing with new technology every single day, and it will continue to grow in the future as innovations present themselves.

The knowledge that comes with being a machinist also has changed. We’re not saying it’s easier, but we’re also not saying it’s harder. With every great trade, there comes difficulties and skills that need to be addressed in order to be successful.

Here is some information on the knowledge and skills it takes to work in the CNC Machining industry:

Education and Training in CNC

The myth out there in the world is that with the technological advancements in machining, CNC machining requires little experience and training. This is completely inaccurate. Even though CNC machining is computer-run, there still needs to be an operator, especially someone who has had training and experience to know the ins and outs of the machine. There are several programs and schools dedicated to CNC Machining education, which can kickstart your career.

CNC Machining is Not All Automated

Skilled operators and programmers are needed to run these machines because they do break down from time to time, and it helps to have the expertise at your disposal to correct the issue, so that production can start back up. Downtime is a threat to production time, which means the less time a machine is down, the less money is being lost.

Predicting production time is also misinterpreted. It is very simple to calculate production time for any component or part, but that doesn’t mean the calculations are always accurate. Certain tools may fail, or a piece of equipment may shut down and require a fix.

CNC Machining is Inexpensive

As technology advances, CNC machining becomes more and more inexpensive, which allows any type of business to utilize CNC. Many people believe that it costs quite a bit of money to manufacture parts, but there are costs that are being cut in the process. Smaller quantities of parts may cost more, but if the production increases, prices will drop.

Smaller shops have access to CNC machining as custom orders can meet exact budgets and specifications for businesses around the world.

Machining is a trade that is seeing market growth year by year. With new technologies, the market will grow even more for years to come, and the access to training, education, and job opportunities for potential career people will increase.

Lowrance Machine Shop

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