How CNC Machining is Used for Medical Device Parts

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

CNC Machining is playing major roles in a variety of industries, and the medical field is one of those industries that is benefitting enormously from CNC Machining. The medical field is improving and changing rapidly by the minute. New tools and devices are being developed to improve surgery and save more lives. Researches and scientists are working day and night to make health a priority, and CNC Machining is working to manufacture these parts and tools.

What Parts Are Being Made for the Medical Industry?

Surgical device parts are being manufactured by CNC Machines to provide medical complexes such as the Texas Medical Center with the best surgery tools at an efficient rate. Many parts manufactured by CNC Machines have helped improve medical tools in surgical applications.

Surgical Scissors – Surgical scissors come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the surgery or procedure. CNC machines have the capability to precisely produce the right sizes for the specific scissors needed.

Biopsy Tubes – Not all biopsies are the same, which means different biopsy needles are being used for different biopsies. CNC machining has the capabilities to manufacture accurate biopsy needles for whatever the application is.

Other surgical component parts produced by CNC Machining are cannulas and saw guides for bone surgery.

What Medical Applications Have Been Improved by CNC Machining?

As medical research continues to develop and improve, scientists in the medical field are discovering better ways to help people with medical issues. Surgery is improving, cures for diseases are being discovered, and recovery processes are becoming easier.

Here are some of the improvements:

  • Surgical Equipment – CNC Machining has made it easier the production of surgical components such as implants and pieces of medal that are implanted to strengthen prosthetic limbs. Manual manufacturing took a good amount of time to produce some of these components, but now CNC Machines can manufacture these parts in a shorter amount of time with higher accuracy.
  • Hip Replacements – Traditional replacement parts have had some issues, event though the procedure itself is usually successful. CNC Machining can produce implants that fit accurately and perfectly that will last longer for people to stay active as they get older without discomfort.

Dentistry and CNC Machining

Dentistry benefits greatly from CNC Machining because there are very precise procedures and surgeries done in the dental industry. From dental implants to tooth crowns, dental procedures have to be extremely accurate and precise, which calls for CNC Machining to deliver the most accurate tools and parts. Designing accurate dental tools is done by CNC Machines because the margin of error is significantly low.

The Entire Scope of Medical Manufacturing

From medical surgeries to laboratory research and radiology, CNC Machining is working in every corner of the medical field. As medicine continues to improve so will CNC Machining. More and more CNC professionals are being trained and educated, so that the market improves. There are more experienced technicians and engineers being engrained in the machining and manufacturing industry, which will ultimately help applications in the medical field.

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