Training is Essential for the CNC Machining Industry

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Back in the old days, manual mills and lathes were commonly used for machining industry. It took years of experience, training, and practice to perfect the process of machining products with these machines. Now, we have the ability to use automated machines such as CNC mills and lathes to machine more efficiently and quickly when orders are larger. 

CNC machining does not mean there is no training involved. Machinists have to be trained on the specific workings of the computer program and learn how prototypes will work with them. Luckily, we're seeing more and more specialized training geared towards CNC machining, so there is less room for error when it comes to manufacturing products in the field. 

The Benefits of Training in CNC Machining

There are plenty of benefits to the training of machinists on CNC machining. If you've been working with mills and lathes for years, you know that it takes time to learn the ins and outs. Working with computer automated machines is different in the fact that you don't necessarily have to be manually producing materials, but you still have to be monitoring the machine during production. 

The Benefits of Training:

  • Eliminate Human Error
  • More Efficient Production Rates
  • Produce more Careers and Machine Jobs
  • Advance the Industry
  • Open up for innovative tech/understanding

Educating Machinists and New Students

With the pandemic that hit in 2020, education has changed drastically with online learning. Many students around the country have been taking their classes online from home, which can make it difficult for many industries to teach their students hands on experience. It lacks the human interaction needed in many programs. When it comes to CNC Machining, schools and programs are taking necessary steps to adjust to the educational climate at this point. 

Now, we're looking at physics-based online training in CNC machining. The goal is to decrease the skill gap when it comes to CNC machining and production. Having the training online can be difficult, but the adjustments are necessary to advance the accessibility of the learning tools. 

What Does this Mean for the Machining Industry?

The machining and milling industry have gone through plenty of changes in recent years due to the implementation of new strategies and technologies that have made it easier for production. At Lowrance Machine Shop, we're continuing to advance our strategy and provide the manufacturing industry with high-quality products. Having machinists be trained in a different way due to the online learning learning boom allows for new opportunities. 

We pride ourselves in having the opportunity to provide manufactured parts using our equipment for many industries including aerospace, medical, power generation, oil & gas, construction & infrastructure, mining, and more!

We work with manual machines, as well as CNC machines. Contact Lowrance Machine Shop at 281-449-6524 today or visit us online for more information!