The Future of Manufacturing and Machining

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The machining industry is continuing to change due to the advancement of technology and automation, which means it’s ultimately growing. The CNC Machining industry will be relied heavily on manufacturing and producing parts for upcoming technologies including aerospace, power generation, transportation, medical, and more!

The Power Generation

The development of wind power relies heavily on machining for durable, long-lasting parts for wind turbines. These structures are already intensely powerful and large in size, which means the parts for these also need to be able to handle intense wind pressure.

Solar industry is also relying on machining for the solar panels, but also the frames, back rails and carrier rails. The explosion of the solar panel industry is benefitting CNC machining companies like Lowrance Machine Shop because the demand is growing by the minute.

The Hydropower industry is also looking to CNC manufacturing for production of turbine parts and generators. When dealing with hydropower, you’re dealing with heavy water pressure. The parts that go into this industry need to be done on a large scale, which means CNC machining will be the choice for these industries.


As we slowly transition into the autonomous automotive industry, CNC machining will be playing a major role. Once the autonomous cars become a “must have” item, the production will increase rapidly. Large-scale production will be taking place within the machining field. The introduction of artificial intelligence in CNC is helping with the development of self-driving cars and other parts of the automotive industry. The faster and more efficient the production, the more the demand will go up for these industries.

Lowrance Machine

Lowrance Machine is a family owned company that has been in business since 1964. We are a recognized leader in manufacturing molds and machined products specially made to meet our clients’ requirements. Our state-of-the-art equipment and technologies are constantly upgrading to stay ahead of the production game in this world where new technology is growing. Contact Lowrance Machine at 281-449-6524.