T-Seal Molds Produced by Lowrance Machine

Thursday, July 12, 2018

T-Seal Molds produced by Lowrance Machine.

Lowrance Machine has manufactured hundreds of T-Seal molds. These molds produce an elastomer seal (a T-seal) that is usable in standard O-ring grooves.

T-seals were originally developed to preserve advantages of O-rings in dynamic fluid power applications while ending two of their most serious reliability problems: (1) extrusion through the gap between static and dynamic surfaces, and (2) instability in their grooves, which led to spiral or twisting failure. The T-seal eliminates both of these problems while retaining the space-saving attributes of the compact O-ring groove. Above all, the T-seal meets or exceeds the O-ring's outstanding ability to seal at all pressures and temperatures. The T-seal's distinctive cross-section is extremely functional.

The elastomeric seal element consists of a flange and a body.