Some CNC Machine Applications for the Marine Industry

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

CNC Machining does it all. From the automotive industry to the renewable energy industry, CNC machining plays a vital role in plenty of manufacturing industries. The marine industry is one of them as well.

Here are some applications in the Marine Industry:

Molds – CNC machines are programmed to produce precise and accurate molds for the hull, which is the foundation for all marine craft. Clean edges are much easier to produce when using cnc machines because there is less room for error.

Trimming – CNC machines are capable of trimming excess materials and matching all the parts. Deck and hull structures need to be joined after they’re outside of the mold.

The Hull parts – Ribs and stingers, which are the lengths of wood that are the skeleton of the hull. They are parts that help to strengthen and retain the hull’s shape. CNC machining helps with this process.

Furnishings – High-end yachts and sailboats have incredible interior furnishings. CNC machines can manufacture plenty of furnishing items for the inside of a high-end boat. The efficiency and precision that the CNC machining industry brings is unmatched.

Other applications for the Marine Industry – Other parts in the Marine Industry produced by CNC Machining are arrested gears, power trains and propulsion systems, marine power and transmission units, connecting shafts, flanges and valves, and parts for marine engines.

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