Sinker EDM: What’s Possible with Electrical Discharge Machining?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Electrical discharge machining, which is also known as spark machining, is a process that involves removing particles from metal by utilizing electrical discharges that form between an electrode and a piece of metal. This method of reshaping metal melts and vaporizes metal chips and washes them away through the use of a dielectric fluid. That means that EDM can be used to cut through metal objects regardless of their toughness or hardness, making it a common choice for by those in the tool and die industries. EDM makes it possible for companies to create parts that are typically difficult to machine, and it can also help make parts with odd angles or intricate curves and cavities.

There are two types of EDM that can be used to create metal parts. One is called wire EDM, and it relies on a wire to serve as the electrode in the EDM process. The other is called sinker EDM, and it is commonly used to produce parts that cannot be made using wire EDM. Many parts that are needed in oil rigs and other tools used for oil drilling are created using sinker EDM.

Sinker EDM relies on an electrically charged electrode to create specific shapes in metal parts. During the sinker EDM process, the electrode is directed down into the metal object and electrode discharges are used to remove small metal particles from the part. Sinker EDM can be used to remove metal particles from graphite, copper, brass and many other metals. It can also form incredibly complex and intricate shapes in metal, meaning it is ideal for creating variably deep grooves or involved designs or patterns that might be needed. As long as the metal needed for the part is electrically conducive, sinker EDM is an option to get the job done.

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