Machined New Split Nuts with a Buttress Thread

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

We machined a new Split Nuts with a buttress thread for a customer’s press in these photos. A split nut is a nut that is split lengthwise into two pieces. This allows the nut, when open, to move along the screw without the screw turning (or, vice versa, allowing the screw to pass through the nut without turning). When the nut is closed, it resumes the normal movement of a nut on a screw.

The buttress thread is also known as the breech-lock thread form and refers to two different thread profiles. One is a type of leadscrew and the other is a type of hydraulic sealing thread form. The leadscrew type is often used in machinery and the sealing type is often used in oil fields. In machinery, the buttress thread form is designed to handle extremely high axial thrust in one direction.