Lubrication Pivitol to Machine Function, Life

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Viscosity breakdown is the result of molecule chains breaking caused by heat, mechanical shearing or dilution – sounds pretty intense doesn’t it? Well in simpler terms, viscosity breakdown is when the oil put into a machine has been worn down and is no longer as effective as it should be. This type of breakdown can cause overheating, increased and unnecessary oil consumption as well as machine grinding and damage.

Overheating can ruin an engine. Increased oil consumption can cost a lot of money in expenses. And machine grinding and damage can break a machine or worse, render it useless. That’s why regular replenishment of oil is crucial to all types of machines. Without it, machines can end up costing way more money than they are worth.

When oil gets depleted and is not replaced, the result is metal-on-metal friction. This result is a serious problem because the metal will grind on each other either changing the shape of the pieces or causing the whole machine to overheat from the friction. But in the long run, if a machine is too completely stop working, the amount it will cost to have it fixed or replaced will also always be more than what a quart of gallon of oil costs.

How often oil should be replenished depends on the size, functionality and usage of each individual machine. However, it cannot be stressed enough that a regular maintenance schedule is necessary. Like having the oil changed on a car every 3,000 miles, your machines require the same treatment. Having a written, posted schedule and sticking to it will ensure that any type of machine will have a long lasting and better production rate, with less issues. This means less down time and getting more work done.