Industrial Repair by Lowrance Machine

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

We have the equipment and tools to complete industrial repairs in the Medical, Construction, Power Generation, Marine, and Packaging industries. We serve several more industries as well if you need repairs done.

Why choose us for your industrial repair needs?

Repairs we Specialize In

The common repairs companies come to us for usually consist of shaft repairs, thread repairs, rebuilds, and broken bolt removal. We have the capabilities, knowledge, experience, and skills to conduct any industrial repair, so even if the ones above aren’t your concern, we still can make the repair.

Advantages of Lowrance Machine

Your equipment should always be in working order if you’re conducting business and manufacturing. If you’re in need of repairs, don’t wait to get it done because your company will suffer. Also, unsafe equipment can be dangerous for your employees. Not only are you delaying your production, but your employees might also be working with unsafe equipment.

Lowrance Machine Shop has been working with companies and doing industrial repairs for more than 50 years. We have the tools and abilities to repair your equipment without your business slowing down.


We also have the capabilities to do large/small part rebuilds. This is an advantage we have. If you’re panicking because of a bigger concern with your equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to conduct rebuilds no matter what the size is.

Lowrance Machine  continues to pursue the latest technologies and machine processing techniques to deliver the best-in-class solutions. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced team and innovative thinking, we produce thoughtfully designed and engineered products of all sizes. We are built on integrity, customer satisfaction and hard work, and we are dedicated to get you the product you need with accuracy and efficiency that you deserve. Contact Lowrance Machine Shop at 281-449-6524 to find out more about our industrial repair services and how we can help you!