How CNC Machining is Used in Aerospace

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

CNC machining has been playing a vital role throughout history in many industries around the globe.From passenger air traffic to space travel, CNC machining develops many different pieces of transportation for this industry.


CNC machining has been manufacturing parts and components for spacecrafts because of the precision and accuracy required in order for these crafts to hold up in outer space for a long period of time. As CNC machining has advanced with the advancement of technology, they have been relied on to produce quickly and efficiently for mass production.With computer numerical control, it eliminates human error and slowing down the process.

Air Traffic

From all types of air travel including large passenger jets or small private jets, CNC machines can help to manufacture the smallest components to help operate the plane properly.The safety of the passengers is the main priority. Also, CNC machining makes parts for the outside of the plane such as the wing, so that it can operate properly when in flight.

The Benefits of CNC

The benefits of CNC machines used in aerospace is the precision and accuracy.When it comes to aerospace travel, there are many things on the line, and the advancement of this technology has helped to make aerospace safe and efficient in the world. While manual machining has worked for years, CNC has worked better on a large-scale process, which is vital to the aerospace industry. Humans still have to work with both machines correctly because with CNC machines, there is the process of programming before the production.Computer numerical control makes this process a little bit easier, so that there is an elimination of human error.

Lowrance Machine

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