Does My Project Need a CNC Milling or a CNC Lathe Machine?

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Do you need to produce high-quality parts for a project that you’re working on for your company? If so, you’ll have the option of using either CNC milling machines or CNC lathe machines to get the job done. Both are capable of creating the parts that you need, but they work in two totally different ways. You should get a better understanding of the ways in which they work before you decide which one would be right for your project. Learn more about each machine below.

CNC milling machines

CNC milling machines feature a cutting tool that rotates on an axis. They allow you to use this cutting tool to make cuts in a workpiece while keeping the workpiece stationary. Because of the way they’re set up, CNC milling machines are ideal for those who need to create parts that are more intricate in nature. If your goal is to create complex parts, you can program a CNC milling machine to do it in no time. These machines are very precise and will leave you with a part built to your exact specifications.

CNC lathe machines

CNC lathe machines work in the opposite way that CNC milling machines do. Instead of featuring a cutting tool that spins on an axis, they spin the workpiece on an axis and keep the cutting tool stationary. This process is often referred to as “turning” and is perfect for those who need to create cylindrical parts. CNC lathe machines can really come in handy for those looking to do drilling, threading, boring, and more.

Which is the better option for you?

At the end of the day, only you can decide which of these two types of machines is right for your project. You should carefully consider what you’re going to be making with the machine that you choose.

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