Complete Custom Casting With Ease

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Does your company need help with custom molding services? At Lowrance Machine Shop, we specialize in providing our clients with the resources they need to create custom molds. We will work with you to figure out exactly what kind of mold you need and help you determine what the best options is for your project. We also offer complete custom casting and deliver molds that are designed to your specifications so that you can use them to create custom parts, replacement components or anything else your business needs.

Lowrance Machine Shop has been helping companies with engineering, reverse engineering and machining molds for more than 50 years now. We have experience with rubber and plastic molds, as well as engineering completely new molds to create new products for your business. We also can assist your operation with the creation of open pour molds, performing mold repairs or replacements and providing mold inserts to prolong the longevity of a mold.

Our team can even take an item that you currently have and create a mold based on it rather than the other way around. This reverse engineering process helps take parts or components that may be hard to find or uniquely made and create a framework for you to make replacements or additional components.

We have a very unique process for mold creation that caters directly to our customers and their needs, and we understand that not everyone is familiar with custom molds. Our capabilities can do just about anything that you need done and we work to make sure you receive exactly the item or mold that meets your business’ needs. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you, achieving your goals and being available for any machining, molding, stamping or other needs that your company may have in the future. When you work with Lowrance Machine Shop, you’ll not only get high-quality products, but also excellent customer service and attention to every detail.

Lowrance Machine Shop has been a trusted name when it comes to manufacturing molds and machined products for half a century, and we aim to continue to use our experience and expertise to deliver molds to every client. Regardless of what kind of mold you need, you can count on us. Call us at 281-449-6524 and discuss your needs with our team today.