CNC Mills vs Manual Mills

Friday, September 13, 2019

It’s important to know the difference between CNC Mills and Manual Mills. Both are beneficial in their own ways, and it’s always good to know what you can use each machine for.

Benefits of a CNC Mill – a CNC mill is more advanced considering it incorporates computer numerical control with the progression of new technology and machinery.

Here are the benefits:

  • Production is Higher – with the demand of materials increasing, a CNC machine is better for producing more in a shorter period of time. This benefits all areas of production.
  • Less Labor – years of experience is not required to work the machine.There are simple steps to take.
  • Consistency – a CNC mill can produce the same product over and over again in a large-scale production.
  • Precision – this eliminates human error because the mill can precisely produce the same product with all the same measurements.


Benefits of a Manual Mill – a manual mill does have some advantages in different areas of milling.

Here are the benefits:

  • Less Costly – manual machines don’t cost as much to run, and they don’t require much space to operate.These are advantages for smaller businesses just starting out because the production demand won’t be too high.
  • No Computer – a manual mill does not have to be programmed for the job it’s going to do.This decreases the time to make sure everything is correct before production.
  • Shorter time – it takes a shorter time to produce a component.There are less steps involved.

There come many benefits to both CNC mills and manual mills.As we know, technology is advancing, which makes it logical to use a CNC mill over a manual one, but it’s good to know that a manual mill will always be needed. It’s a great backup in case of any CNC malfunction.The downfall is that a manual mill takes more skill and experience to use for human error not to occur. It comes down to the size of the company and what kind of production is demanded.

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