CNC Machining in Space Exploration

Thursday, August 20, 2020


    As we’ve watched a couple months ago the United States return to space with the Space X rocket launch, we stand in awe watching the television of this extraordinary phenomenon. Our question is how does everything work? What parts allow a rocket to launch that fast into space? We can say that CNC Machining plays a major role in creating a successful space launch.

    From the inner workings to the body design, CNC machining is continuing to help make rockets run properly with precision machining. One thing people don’t realize is that the launch is only part of space travel. Spacecrafts need to be able to withstand outer space for long periods of times, which means machined parts also need to be able to withstand conditions.

    Machined Parts for Spacecrafts

    Industrial CNC machining is used for spacecrafts due to the precision and efficiency of parts made for space travel. CNC machines are computerized for more accurate machined parts. We know that space travel needs the most durable and functioning crafts for astronauts to carry out long missions, so how does CNC machining produce these parts?

    • Overall Speed and Production – The benefit of having CNC machines is the ability of mass production in an accurate and efficient manner. Many businesses and companies rely on efficiency for their clients at a smaller level. When you have manual machines, you’re decreasing your efficiency.
    • Precision – CNC machines cut back on human error. Employees are still wanted for CNC machining because the machine isn’t automatic. Their needs to be observation and trained workers to operate computerized machines, but the precision that CNC machines have is much more beneficial.
    • Demand for Durable Parts – Materials used for aerospace require durability and long-term function. We look at the Space X launch as an incredible achievement, and it is the result of proficient machined parts from CNC machining capabilities.


    What Does This Mean for the Future of Space Travel?

    Innovative machining is increasing, and so is the demand for machined parts. The beauty of CNC machining is that it can adapt to changes in technology throughout the years. This is important due to the fact that we’re getting back into outer space for more exploration and possible resource gathering. When a launch like Space X happens, the next step is longevity for these crafts, which means CNC machining has to adapt to those needs. The design of these CNC machines is adjusting new ways of manufacturing, which can help plenty of industries relying on this type of machining.


    Lowrance Machine Shop

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    We cater to industries in aerospace, packaging, medical, transportation, and much more! This is an exciting time for machining because the limits are endless with innovation of technology. Aerospace is changing and improving, and CNC machining will be a central part of those innovations and achievements.

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