CNC Machining for Renewable Energy

Thursday, June 20, 2019

As green technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace, the machining industry is rising as well. The methods of power generation are becoming very complex, which requires automation and manufacturing technologies. Advanced machining will increase the quality and efficiency for the power generation. The speed of manufacturing machines will increase productivity and the economy.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is gaining ground in the country, especially with off-shore energy coming into play. This will require help from the machining industry to make sure that all components in the wind powered machines are working efficiently.

Water Power

Machining will also be assisting in helping turbines used in water and tidal power plants to be high speed and accurate.

Solar Energy

CNC machined parts are a key feature to highly efficient solar panel systems. As the solar industry sky-rockets, CNC machining will be playing a key role in developing these systems for the country.

Why is the renewable energy movement important for CNC Machining?

The future is looking towards 100% renewable energy around the globe. Several countries are working towards using green energy resources to power their countries, which means economies and jobs will increase, and the cost will decrease as the technology advances. CNC Machining will be playing the role of helping to build these systems, as well as repairing at a fast pace. The production of these green energy technologies will require efficiency, which the machine industry will have to be taking a part in.

Lowrance Machining

Lowrance Machining has designed and manufactured industry-specific components for power generation for decades, and we have garnered the trust of our customers by delivering solutions to their needs on time and on spec.

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