An Overview of Sinker EDM Machining

Friday, September 28, 2018

There are numerous processes to choose from when machining parts. One of the most effective and accurate methods is called sinker EDM or electrical discharge machining. It relies on the use of an electrically charged electrode that is configured with a specific geometry to carry out machining. The electrode is used to take a metal component and burn the geometry of that electrode directly into it. You’ll often find sinker EDM used when companies are producing molds and dies.

How it Works

During sinker EDM, two metal parts are placed into an insulating liquid and submerged. They’re also connected to an electrical current that can be turned on and off based on the parameters that have been punched into a controller. An electric tension forms between the two metal parts whenever the current is turned on, and that tension is discharged when the parts are brought within about a fraction of an inch of each other. When that happens, an electrical spark moves from one part to the other and gradually causes the metal to heat up and melt as more and more sparks move between the two metal parts.

Types of EDM Machines

There are several EDM machines that can be used during the sinker EDM process. There is a die sinker EDM machine, which is sometimes called a “Ram” EDM machine, as well as a wire or “cheese cutter” EDM machine and a hole drilling or “hole popper” EDM machine. Each of these EDM machines helps those who are machining parts to overcome hardness, which is a huge issue when it comes to machining. It’s a very predictable and reliable machining method that can be repeated over and over again with great results.

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