An Overview of CNC Milling

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Do you need to machine a specific material in order to manufacture parts? There are several different machining options available to you, including cutting and drilling. But CNC milling has become one of the most popular forms of computer numerical controlled machining because of how effective and precise it is when creating parts.

CNC milling is actually very similar to cutting and drilling, as it will allow you to manipulate materials like metals in order to make the parts you are looking for. It relies on the use of a rotating cylindrical cutting tool that is used to reshape materials. But the biggest difference between CNC milling and cutting and drilling is that a milling machine is capable of utilizing multiple axes, which can in turn be used to create more holes, shapes, and slots in materials than cutting and drilling. Materials can be moved along CNC milling tools in a number of directions, which is something that isn’t possible when you use the single axis that comes along with the motion of a drill. You will have a lot more options when you manufacture parts using CNC milling.

All CNC milling machines will offer you a number of axes, but that number differs from machine to machine. Some CNC milling machines offer 3 axes, while others offer 5. There are also more advanced CNC milling machines that must be programmed with what is called CAM technology in order to work properly. These milling machines can create parts that would be impossible to produce with cutting and drilling.

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